U.S. Official: Speed of Iraqi deterioration surprising

Seems like we should have left Saddam alone. These terrorists are a much bigger threat than Saddam ever was.

CNN Newsroom

Military source tells CNN’s Kyra Phillips they were surprised by how fast Iraqi cities were overrun by ISIS forces.

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Bruce Evans 7/29/13

James 1:16-17
Bruce speaks on contentment.

The rain falls on the good and bad. If you take every good thing from your life, that’s hell.

Do you really believe Gid has an amazing plan for your life.

Jeremiah 29:11-13
What would my life really be like if I did it Gods way?

Matthew 11:28-30
Doing it Gids way means denying yourself. However, it will never be too hard.

No matter where you’re at or what you’re doing, god can do amazing things. The issue comes down to, can you do it Gods way.

Matthew 6:24-34
If you put God first, then everything you want will be given to you anyways.

We like to hear disgusting things that reality shows ate made from. We want the disgusting things that others are doing. Real men love one woman her whole life.

Psalm 73:1-28
God is in absolute control. I need not worry what others are doing. They will get their full payment for their deeds.

If everything was taken from you, would you still turn to god?

Genesis 15
Psalm 16:1-3
Philipeand 1:21
Take out Christ and you have nothing.